About Us

AVM Laboratory Supplies & Service Pty Ltd is an ISO Certified Company (see certificate below) and is involved in Sales, Service and Calibration of Scientific and Laboratory Instrumentation of any Brand, Type or Model. We are also involved in the sales and service of Sanyo, Gallenkamp, A&D Australasia and Ratek, Labec, Thermoline and other Brands/Products.

A Range of Instruments include:

Ovens Viscometers
Incubators Freezers/Fridges
Orbital Shaking Incubators Centrifuges (Ultra’s /Refrigerated) and Rotors
Furnaces pH Meters
Shakers Titrators (Karl Fisher)
Hotplate/Stirrers Colorimeters (Auto Bomb)
Water Baths Gloss Meters
Water Stills Densitometers
Microscopes Hazemeters
Autoclaves Temperature Controllers/Indicators
Balances Thermoregulators
Scales (Industrial Weighing) Thermal Cyclers
Spectrophotometers (UV & VIS) Heating Mantles
Infrared Spectrophotometers Vortex Mixers
Pipettes/Pipette Systems




We offer a Breakdown Service, Validation and Full Calibration on our products. We provide NATA Certification on balances and reports for ISO9000 if required or requested.

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We supply a range of instruments. We source all brands, depending on your needs.

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