AVM can also provide Eppendorf Products in the way of sales and service. We can offer to you Microfuges, Centrifuges (Refrigerated and non-refrigerated), PCR “Thermal Cycler” Systems, Biophotometers and Pipettes (various types). If you require calibration or certification on any pipettes - even if pipettes are different brands - we are able to carry out.

We offer a Breakdown Service, Validation and Full Calibration on our products. We provide NATA Certification on balances and reports for ISO9000 if required or requested.

We provide Traceability Reports where our test equipment is NATA Certified. We commission and decommission laboratory equipment.

We are an ISO-certified company. See more on About page.

About Us

AVM is an ISO Certified Company and is involved in Sales, Service and Calibration of Scientific and Laboratory Instrumentation of any Brand, Type or Model.

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We supply a range of instruments. We source all brands, depending on your needs.

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